Wilful Days Lyrics

Lyrics by Killing Joke © 1995


[Transcript by Lennonka, corrections by ???]

When Heaven found on Earth
When far different is conflict
She played in games with me
And games for all the world to see

For this is holy war
And ??? she will / ? colour shall she wear ?
And when the lion comes
Then the lady starts to roar

Oh, I've reached ecstasy

The lentics??? exposed
From northern lights
To southern skies
The cruelty of laughter
All what she aims to be

When war is peace
And joy of joys is always pain
And pain is death
And death is ecstasy
Is ecstasy

Oh, I've reached ecstasy

When Heaven found on Earth
Through physical sensation
The running of the race
The climax of my world

Beauty and strength
And force and fire
Palace of purple
I crave extremities
These days are revelations forming

Oh, I've reached ecstasy