MMXII Lyrics

Lyrics by Killing Joke © 2012

  1. Pole Shift
  2. Fema Camp
  3. Rapture
  4. Colony Collapse
  5. Corporate Elect
  6. In Cythera
  7. Primobile
  8. Glitch
  9. Trance
  10. On All Hallow's Eve
  11. New Uprising (iTunes Bonus Track) – Currently unavailable
  12. Penny Drops (In Cythera EP) – Currently unavailable

Pole Shift

It doesn't really matter if the south turns north
Or the stars above stop in their course
If ten thousand coastal cities are taken by the wave, or not
The outcomes are still the same (for all of us now!)
Riddles in stone – great cycles of time
Forgotten, ignored – the ancient paradigm
A polarisation of values happening
Opposing camps define themselves and pull apart

Night turns to day, darkness to light
A doorway opens to quantum sight
A world age shift, a converging sun
A field energy reversal has begun
Suddenly it hit! - Pole shift

Now the pendulum has swung the other way
Pulling us out of our ingrained habits
The death of the old world
Slashing open the womb that held us all
So comfortably for so long
Calling on all of us to restore the biosphere
Towards a partnership of co-creation
In a relationship of resonance
Hand in had we march into the unknown

Where the taboos of today are tomorrow's delights
Our values – inverted (so wrong it's right!)
Sex morality imposition – all swept away
In one great orgasm – by the light of day
Communion with the stars – decode our DNA
Marvel at the mysteries of quantum immortality
Children in Elias – come!
Into a fifth world and a sixth sun
Yes, into a fifth world and a sixth sun
Suddenly it hit – Pole shift

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Fema Camp

It's a time of unrest and your rights are suspended
There's a list going 'round (and it's likely you're on it)
The names on the blue list are picked up later
And the red list goes to the incinerator
We're never going to end up in the furnace of the FEMA camp
There's an Amtrak raid leading to the siding
Where a turnstile waits for all those disembarking
Red zone, blue zone – humanity fades
So I'm going to join up with the renegades

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Nothing is real – all is illusion
Escape from the flesh – transcend the earthly
With fire and chant – purification
Between the worlds is this state of grace – called Rapture

Revitalise – to the ecstatic!
Re-energise – recharge batteries
Liberations of incarnations
Liberate with spasms, convulsions
Let every breath and act have meaning!
Leap Icarus! (O great grain of sand) with certainty – into the abyss
- Rapture

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Colony Collapse

Rapid inhuman advance of nano computer technology
Changing our emotional development
For the lure of immortality
And a virus counts as life in the post-human dream
The future doesn't need us
Beloved Mother intervene

Colony Collapse

A rupture in the fabric of human history,
self-assembling nanobots and human fallibility
Misprogrammed to replicate us
A grey goo of nano sea

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Corporate Elect

Grand Masters pulling strings
Wet dream of a new world order
Neo-feudal blueprints rise
We all got fooled again

It's an ADD Generation
Everybody accepts the re-introduction of slavery
- By the corporate elect

Tyrant of me and mine, dominion over our lives
Condemned to Solomon's mine
We all got fooled again

This is the fight back now
Free speech put to the test by immoral psychopaths
We all got fooled again

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In Cythera

For all those things I should have said while I had the time
You who stood by me when I lost the plot
You were always kind

Through the spoils and joys
Through my anger and the endless blame
Enduring my addictions
Yet the love you showed still remained the same

I'm grateful for all the times we shared
Through struggles and madness you're there

I've seen you in a dream on a sunny day
Where the skies are clear, I'll see you in Cythera
On an island far away from here

If I don't return before your time is up
I'll set your place upon the table
With wine I'll fill your cup and to ourselves we lie
As we break down inside
Because we never said enough how much we really loved

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Songs of joy and sorrow echo expressions of unity
Rejoice in precious moments – chants and sounds of purity
Separated from each other yet bounded by time as one
Past hurts forgiven now we recognise what's done is done

Beyond the veil in dreams we fly, to soar again and then to die
Weeping at disaster – choirs of endless tears
Holy is the laughter that overcomes all your fears

Will all our deeds be sung of – remembered with loving praise?
And did we overcome the shadow – confront the inner rage?
And did we fight with courage and make the world a better place?
And have we planted forests and tilled the soil for the human race?

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Cities on blackout
Satellites are knocked out
I-phone, laptops, one big belly flop
Servers, TV, alarms and security
- everything's gone in seconds

Cars are all crashing, planes are all grounded
Everyone knows it's over
Borders on lock down
Everything on shut down, this way of life is over

The solar storms have come and chaos rules outside
The freezer's broke, the food is off, the GPS has died

Communications have all gone down and the world is flying blind
Everyone's at boiling point (and no-one's got the ice)
Glitch, get ready for the glitch

Where's my light, my water, my flight across the pond?
Where's my summer holiday – what the hell's gone wrong?
The economy is doomed
- infrastructure ruined (everyone knows it's over)
It's an aberration, they're working on the back-up
It's an aberration, it's just a minor hiccup
But everyone knows it's over

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Trance (In The Fields Of Light)

Recognition, anamnesis, deja vu, oblique psychosis
Familiar faces, signs and signals – crossing points, magnetic fields
Music based on cyclic collapse – calendars that mark the moon
Nocturnal emissions wax – transmission from the Vortex room

A trance (in the fields of light)

Wonder and amazement at the synchronised coincidence
Binding us through all the decades – predetermined providence
Souls fed by cosmic fire
Early delights – all things of sense gather at this crossing point
(I'm overcome with reverence)

Implanted upon this planet (starseed was our genesis)
Pyramids and obelisks unconsciously reminding us
Sky beings and balls of light
Myth and legend learned anew
Geometrical creation hidden from the common view

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On All Hallow's Eve

At last, the dark years of grieving come to an end
Old haunts and habits invoking loved ones and friends

The graveyards forgotten, the churches are empty now
I recall the times past and how much I miss you all

Wake up! Reborn! Join in and celebrate
Make noise! Wake up the great dead with reverence

On all hallow's eve …

Endless drumming
Rituals to wake the dead
Bring gifts and spirits, good wine – just cheese and some bread
Incense of cigars and spices – pleasures we shared
Light up the graveyards to show how much we all care

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