David Westfield

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Friend From Hell

I've got a friend from hell
Cos Christ he don't belive
I did some magic spell
And now he'll never leave
Too late to go to church
Or try be sanctified
Cos I'm burning up already
Going down
And I haven't even died

He's always dressed in black
Even when it's warm
And when the weather's hot
He just whistles up a storm
And the rain rains down around me
Lord! It makes me wanna cry
Cos I got a halo made of lightning
And my real friends
They just FRY

Yes, I've got a friend from hell
He won't leave me alone
He drinks up all my whisky
And keeps using my phone
He's a devil for the ladies
Like me they never learn
Cos they think he's so damn charming
But in the end
They're always BURNED

It must have been something
I did when I's fourteen
I signed a little contract
But I didn't really mean
It to be taken serious
Now he laughs a dreadful sound
God help me for being curious
Bless my soul
I'm going down...

All works copyrighted © David Westfield